Computer Requirements

Below you will find the specific requirements for each course on the Online Training Portal, if it has any.  You need to make sure you meet these requirements, of the course you are taking.

  • At-Scene - scanner or digital camera for desktop projects, printer, Windows-based computer (unless we have a workstation they can use here, in which case we need to develop an info page for logging in)
  • Advanced CI - scanner or digital camera for desktop projects, printer
  • CDR - Bosch CDR tool -  A dependable broadband internet connection with a Windows or Mac computer is required.  Students will also need a valid e-mail account, access to OTIS, access to YouTube, and the ability to subscribe to the Yahoo Group ”Bosch CDR Technician.”  In addition, students will need a Windows compatible laptop running Windows XP to Windows 8 with a serial port (USB or serial).  Assignments will require the uploading of data and/or EDR images. In addition:
    • DLC Only: version of CDR software 3.0+ and Activation Certificate, and a Bosch CDR DLC kit
    • Full CDR: as DLC above and Bosch CDR hardware kit (3.0+), 12-volt automotive battery jump-kit with cigarette lighter plug, Normal hand tools (1/4” drive ratchet set with metric and imperial sockets), and a single wood clamp with jaws at least 4” (10 cm) deep and 3” (8cm) wide. A Volt/Ohm meter is also recommended.

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