About The Online Training Portal

The Online Training Portal is IPTM's online system that enables both stand alone online training programs as well as instructional support to our classroom courses. 

Below, you will find important information designed to acquaint you with the approach that we take to online training and explain what you should expect when taking one of these courses. 

General Information

Instructor Led Training Courses

These courses are more than just "page turners.” Each course is interactive, instructor led, and is divided into weekly modules.  There are deadlines for specific assignments within each week, but there are no required times to be online.  You should plan to dedicate five to eight hours for course work during each weekly module.  And throughout the class, IPTM's staff of expert instructors will be your guides and are available to assist you at every step along the way.

Learn more about instructor led courses by clicking the links below.

Independent Study Courses

Unlike instructor led training, independent study courses allow you to proceed at your own pace within the time frames of the specific classes.  The time commitments and project work necessary to complete independent study courses vary.  Review the individual course descriptions for more information. 

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