Student Expectations - Instructor Led Courses

IPTM’s Online Training Portal is based upon a hybrid philosophy combining the best of both worlds. It combines the self-paced aspects of computer based training with the traditional aspects of guided classroom learning.

Listed below is general information to help guide you in this type of learning environment.

Network and Document Security

As a professional training institution, IPTM is committed to the security of our students’ records. The Online Training Portal is a secure, password protected system and we depend on you to help us maintain this security. Do not release your password to anyone or allow anyone to access the Online Training Portal system other than you. In addition, you should not post your password in a public location where it could be accessed by someone else.

All documents posted in the Online Training Portal are copyright protected by either IPTM or the developing instructor(s). You may print or save the documents for your own use related to the respective course, but you may not forward or release the materials to any other person or use the materials, in whole or in part, for any other reason without written consent from IPTM.

Self Paced / Self Discipline

Each instructor led course is broken into modules of instruction that must be completed by specific deadlines, usually weekly. It is up to you to manage your time as so that assignments are completed on time.

Just like classroom training, you must be committed to the course and invest the necessary time for successful completion. It is highly suggested that you log-in at least every few days and complete the modules a little at a time.

Each course includes a Syllabus in the introductory section that outlines the topics to be presented, assignment deadlines, grading scale, and other important information. The Syllabus will give you detailed information on how the training will progress and the requirements for successful completion.

Most courses also have assignment deadlines within the first few days of the course. Therefore, you should become familiar with the first module as soon as possible after the course begins so that you can meet any deadlines.

In any case, do not wait until late in the week to do a module’s assignments. Unforeseen circumstances do arise and, generally speaking, you will gain less from the course if you try to do too much at once.
Most students will learn the information better and have a more rewarding online experience by
logging-in frequently throughout each week and participating fully throughout the course.

Time Commitment

For instructor led courses, you should plan to spend 5 – 8 hours per week doing course work. Depending upon the subject matter, you may absorb the material more quickly or more slowly. The advantage to this training format is that you can learn at your own pace and take as much time as you like, as long as work is completed by the posted deadlines.


Each course has a grading scale that is listed in the Syllabus. The scale includes participation in the discussion forums along with your scores on projects, quizzes, exams, and any other competencies.

Unlike classroom courses, you can’t sit in the back and remain quiet throughout the class.  You must take part in the discussion forums and complete the weekly graded assignments (quizzes, projects, etc.) which count towards your final grade.

As stated previously, you must be committed to this course and invest the necessary time for successful completion. Your inability or unwillingness to do the coursework or meet the assignment/testing deadlines will result in either a grade of incomplete or failure, whichever is appropriate.

To pass a course, a final score of 80% or above is required.

Respect for Others

One advantage to IPTM’s online training is your opportunity to interact with and learn from other criminal justice professionals from across the United States and around the world. Your fellow students may have very different procedures, differing opinions, and different rates of learning.

It is very important that you respect your fellow classmates and the differences that they bring to the course. Criticism may be appropriate when it is done constructively, but not when it is done maliciously. Do not belittle, make fun of, or in any way disrespect the other students, their opinions, or their course

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